The 20 longest home runs of the 2013 baseball season

Bless the wonderful soul who created the video you see above — it's a compilation of the 20 longest home runs hit in the 2013 baseball season. YouTube user silentcrescendo18 did the heavy lifting on this, so now all of us can watch eight minutes of the most mammoth homers of the season.

If you like the long ball, we suggest you stop what you're doing, go get yourself a bowl of popcorn, put this badboy on full-screen mode and enjoy eight minutes of pitches getting crushed.

It's a countdown, 20 to 1, and while many of you might know who hit the longest homer of the year, we won't spoil it for the people who want to watch this and be surprised. Just don't read any further in this post if so. The entire top 20 list is below. We'll say this, there are some surprises. The top two home-run swatters probably weren't among anybody's preseason picks for longest homer.

Here's the list of the longest homers of 2013, via ESPN's Home Run Tracker:

1. Evan Gattis, Atlanta Braves, Sept. 8, 486 feet.
2. Hunter Pence, San Francisco Giants, Aug. 27, 476 feet.
3. Mark Trumbo, Los Angeles Angels, April 29, 475 feet.
4. Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs, April 18, 475 feet.
5. Mike Napoli, Boston Red Sox, May 1, 475 feet.
6. Jay Bruce, Cincinnati Reds, June 22, 472 feet.
7. Mark Trumbo, Los Angeles Angels, Sept. 7, 471 feet.
8. Todd Frazier, Cincinnati Reds, April 24, 470 feet.
9. Colby Rasmus, Toronto Blue Jays, April 6, 468 feet.
10. Mike Napoli, Boston Red Sox, May 1, 467 feet.
11. Logan Morrison, Miami Marlins, Sept. 6, 467 feet.
12. Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles, Aug. 10, 466 feet.
13. Colby Rasmus, Toronto Blue Jays, May 21, 465 feet.
14. David Wright, New York Mets, May 3, 464 feet.
15. J.D. Martinez, Houston Astros, May 15, 464 feet.
16. Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco Giants, May 21, 464 feet.
17. Torii Hunter, Detroit Tigers, April 13, 463 feet.
18. Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels, May 23, 463 feet.
19. Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins, Sept. 18, 463 feet.
20. Adam Dunn, Chicago White Sox, Sept. 4, 462 feet.

Interesting to note that Giancarlo Stanton, who most would have picked to hit the longest homer of the year, barely made the list.

And for Evan Gattis, one of the most interesting players in the league this season, having the longest homer is a nice distinction and another thing to add to his growing lore.

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