The year is 1993 and Mr. T loves him some Bo Jackson

David Brown
Big League Stew

Though he never was the same after undergoing hip replacement surgery, Bo Jackson still could be Bo for moments at a time. And by the time 1993 rolled around, the same could be said for Mr. T. Though he was a few years removed from this best roles — "Rocky III," and "The A-Team" most notably — T could still bring it when necessary. During a game between the Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers on May 4, 1993, it became necessary.

Jackson, his bionic gait made awkward by a plastic and titanium hip, displayed his legendary arm by throwing out Milwaukee's Dave Nilsson at the plate after a single by Pat Listach. Good coverage and tag by catcher Ron Karkovice, too. Other than the medical miracle playing left field, the highlight of the highlight was Mr. T calling the action with Brewers announcers. It's a good thing he wasn't in the booth with Hawk Harrelson on the White Sox side — Milwaukee County Stadium (moment of silence) might not have survived the pairing.

Here's what happened on the play and it's extraordinary:

Brewers announcer: Where are you from?

Mr. T: Chicago. It's amazing that the Brewers are playing Chicago — and I'm rooting for the Brewers! Type of guy I am. ... Yeah, because the Brewers invited me, not the Sox. I'm not stupid. Hahaha.

(Listach singles to left, Bo does his thing.)

Mr. T: OHHH! What a arm! What a arm! My, my, my, what a arm!

Brewers announcer: What do you think, T?

Mr. T: Wow, that's Bo Jackson! The bionic hip with the arm! That was awesome. I'm impressed. And I'm not easily impressed that much.

Some might feel sad about seeing Bo at less than his Heisman Trophy best, but he's not some fool to be pitied. His will to complete despite having a disability should be forever inspiring. It's also part of what makes his legend so awesome. And no announcer could capture Bo's greatness, apparently, like Mr. T.

And what a fun year that was for the White Sox, at least until Jack McDowell's starts in the playoffs against the Blue Jays. Now there's a fool to be pitied.

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