10 reasons why NL MVP Andrew McCutchen may be the coolest guy in baseball

That GIF above is Andrew McCutchen dancing after winning the NL MVP award on Thursday.

Now you can add "dancing on national TV" to the reasons why Andrew McCutchen might be the coolest guy in baseball. Along with the MVP award, of course.

You can argue all day about where McCutchen ranks among the best players in baseball, but he's made it pretty clear in 2013 that he's one of the coolest guys in the game. He's gotta rank high in baseball's GYWTHW rankings too (that's Guys You Want to Hang With).

Why, you ask? You're in luck, friendly reader, because we made a list:

1. He busts a move
And not just the post-MVP groove, but stuff like this too:

2. He helped eliminate 21 years of Pittsburgh pain
The year 1992 was the last time any of these things happened before 2013: The Pirates had a winning record. The Pirates made the postseason. The Pirates had an MVP winner. Wiped out, all of 'em.

3. He's a classy dude.
About a half-hour after winning the MVP, he sent out this statement. Read the last line.

Words cannot describe how overjoyed I am at winning the National League MVP this year. It is truly an honor to be able to represent this franchise and the city of Pittsburgh with this award. I want to thank my teammates and coaches, the organization, and Pirates fans everywhere for the amazing support I have received this past year. Awards such as the MVP only come with great teamwork and leadership. That is evidenced by Clint Hurdle winning Manager of the Year as well. While I will savor this award forever, this only makes me more hungry to bring a World Series championship back to Pittsburgh. It is my promise that I will continue to work hard to improve on and off the field, and I hope I can provide a positive example for youth everywhere.

4. He's a pretty slick artist.
Here's a Pirates logo he drew on demand via Twitter. Read more about his art skills here.

5. He's cool enough for MTV
MLB announced a new partnership with MTV earlier this week that will result in a new weekly show on MTV2 centered around the MLB Fan Cave in New York. Two players were chosen as executive producers — David Ortiz and McCutchen.

6. He has a heart.
Earlier this season, Cutch came to the rescue of a youth softball team near his hometown in Florida that had fallen victim to a scam when buying uniforms. He stepped in and got them new uniforms.

7. He's a video-gamer.
As noted here, McCutchen spent some time Thursday playing the PlayStation 4 while awaiting the MVP news. Not only that, but he talked gaming in his post-award interview.

8. He might be moonlighting as Cleveland from "Family Guy."
If not, he can definitely be in a "Family Guy" cover band.

9. He can give haircuts
McCutchen's own hair is one of his most recognizable features, but earlier this season he visited an NYC barbershop and cut a fan's hair too.

10. He's got a TV show where he interviews other celebrities
It debuted this year in Pittsburgh. Here's Cutch interviewing Anthony Bourdain.

BONUS: His family is cool too.
We didn't want to lump this in with the others, because McCutchen's mom, Petrina, deserves her own props. She's a great singer, as heard before the NL wild card game this year.

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