Pitcher attacked with bat during wild Cuban baseball brawl (Video)

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Things got wild in Cuba on Monday night when a brutal brawl erupted between teams from Villa Clara and Matanzas in the Cuban pro baseball league, according to Ben Badler of Baseball America. Villa Clara pitcher Freddy Alvarez hit two batters — one in the head — after giving up a home run in the seventh inning. 

The second batter hit was Victor Mesa Jr., the 17-year-old son of Matanzas manager Victor Mesa. As he collected himself, teammate Demis Valdes, who wasn't even in the game, rushed the field with his bat cocked. He took a swing at Alvarez who didn't back down from the fight, but did manage to avoid the full brunt of the bat. Valdes' mighty swing almost clocked the pitcher in the head, which would have made the outcome of this incident far more unfortunate. 

Valdes was tackled to the ground as the benches continued to clear. The teams stood around for a few minutes, like the aftermath of any baseball brawl, then the game eventually finished without incident. Matanzas won 3-0.

Baseball America's Badler explains some of the characters in the brawl and their tangled relationships:

While the brawl was crazy enough on its own, the characters involved make it even more intriguing. The batter, Victor Mesa Jr., is an athletic center fielder and one of the top young players on the rise in Cuba. Alvarez, 24, pitches for the Cuban national team and played in the World Baseball Classic last year. Who manages the Cuban national team? Matanzas manager Victor Mesa.

Well, this might be awkward next time Mesa has to manage Alvarez.

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