'He gone!' White Sox teammates present Paul Konerko with 38th birthday cake

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Paul Konerko turns 38 today. He probably can't read this inscription very well.


Paul Konerko turns 38 today. He probably can't read this inscription very well.

He won't get the same kind of long good-bye from Major League Baseball that Derek Jeter will or Mariano Rivera did, but Chicago White Sox slugger Paul Konerko will be missed, too. The White Sox have planned out Konerko's final season in the majors for him to act something like a player/coach. Jose Abreu will get most of the time at first base and Adam Dunn will take most of the at-bats at designated hitter. Whatever is left over goes to Konerko, who comes into the 2014 season with 434 career home runs and many more good memories and just as much good advice to pass along.

To that end, his teammates are grateful and want to wish Konerko well as he ambles into retirement. So infielder Gordon Beckham got Konkero a cake for his 38th birthday, which is Wednesday. 

The icing says:

"One more year then … He gone! Senior citizens, although slow & dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose!"

"He gone" being a reference to Hawk Harrelson's famous call, and the rest is Konerko's teammates giving him a hard time for being old. Adding a little dude with a walker would have been a nice touch. Beckham shouldn't have used yellow writing, which makes the message hard to read (perhaps that's part of the old person joke!)

Beckham's cake for Konerko — a Cakenerko, if you will — deserves a 7 out 10, mostly for the thought. Happy birthday, Paulie!

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