'Ellsubry' — Jacoby Ellsbury's name misspelled on Yankee Stadium scoreboard

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Jacoby Ellsubry

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Jacoby Ellsbury had played in New York's Yankee Stadium (old and new) 42 times since 2007 with the Boston Red Sox. He's a very familiar face there. But making his debut for the Yankees at Yankee Stadium on Monday afternoon was not Ellsbury, but instead "Jacoby Ellsubry" — E-l-l-s-u-b-r-y — at least according to the ballpark scoreboard.

Oops. The Yankees misspelled the name of their new $153 million star on opening day in the Bronx. A fan in the stands caught the Yankees with their spelling pants down and pointed at them for all to see on Twitter. Ha-ha, the world went. It could have been worse, like if legendary Yankees public-address announcer Bob Sheppard were given a piece of paper back in the day that said:

"Now batting for the Yankees, the center fielder, number twenty-two, Jacoby Ellsubry. Number twenty-two."

Still, it's the kind of error that really would have driven George Steinbrenner batty, were he still alive and owning the club. Definitely, somebody's getting fired if this happens in 1996. Maybe that Costanza guy.

At least it was misspelled only one place, apparently, in the graphic that accompanies Ellsbury's photo. It seems to have all of the letters in the right place in the lineup scroll. And hey, Ellsubry had two hits in his Yankees home debut, so they might want to think about keeping his name misspelled.

Also: It's apparently becoming a trend:

 Although: Does it matter if anyone's name other than Derek Jeter's is misspelled? This is his time anyway.

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