Vancouver’s ‘Tripping Coach’ gets 15-day prison sentence

Last June's viral hit of a youth hockey coach purposefully tripping a 13-year-old player in a handshake line has since been removed from Youtube, but there are many copies available. To refresh your memory:

It has to be seen to be believed. On Saturday afternoon, the UBC Hornets beat the Richmond Steel 5-4 to win the championship of the University of British Columbia spring hockey line. As the teams proceeded through the handshake line, the Hornets coach stuck his foot out, causing two young boys to topple like dominoes, with one of them breaking his wrist. Outrage spread throughout Canada and the U.S.; on Thursday, it was reported that RCMP will recommend that the coach be charged with assault. [Buzzing the Net - Archives]

The coach in question, Martin Tremblay, was sentenced Tuesday in a B.C. Provincial Court in Richmond, to 15 days in prison served intermittently on weekends. After which, Tremblay will have a year of probation.

The video is here. Remember, this happened after Tremblay's team won the game:

Details from the trial make the case a little more confusing. Judge Patrick Chen said that the series in which the two teams played had been "rough and chippy":

Throughout the game Tremblay yelled abuse at one of the opposing players, a 13-year-old identified in court as K.S., making him cry at one point.

After the game, which his team won 5-4, Tremblay stuck his leg out to trip K.S. as players from both teams passed each other shaking hands.

K.S. and the boy in front of him, 10-year-old M.P., lost their balance and fell down. K.S. was later treated for a wrist injury. [The Province]

I've never coached hockey, and it seems like a thankless job in most cases, but I can't think of a time when I'd be reduced to hurling abuse at a 13-year-old opponent regardless of how chippy the game got. The above video doesn't show any sort of rift between K.C. and Tremblay, and there's polite applause in the background. To the casual viewer, you would have thought that Tremblay was frustrated and did this at random. I can't imagine too many teams wanting Tremblay to coach them anymore, and thanks to the popularity of this video, Tremblay will be tagged as the 'Tripping Coach' every time he walks into a hockey arena.

In other "adults behaving badly at kids hockey games" news, a parent from Scugog, Ontario, is "facing charges after a teen referee was attacked following a youth hockey game in Port Perry."

Apparently a few parents confronted the 17-year-old referee after a novice hockey game, and the parent in question followed the referee out of the arena. The novice level in Ontario is for 7- and 8-year-olds.

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