Rebels players, Red Deer mayor make appearances in WHL Gangnam Style parody

Last week, our NHL counterparts at Yahoo stumbled across the Columbus Blue Jackets' mascot dancing to Gangnam Style, the latest fad song to hit the FM airwaves thanks to a funny music video. But Stinger is just bouncing around. The boys at the Kraze 101.3 Morning Krew in Red Deer had a better idea.

Enter, Red Deer Rebels Style, presented by Diesel and Rae:

Anybody who has tired of the original video since it debuted about a month ago can take solace in the fact that the production team behind this video appear to get that simply using the singular dance move in different locations can be tired. There's a lot more "parody" that goes into this one rather than just getting a few people in Red Deer jerseys dancing around in front of the arena.

Sample lyrics:

Hit the ice all Rebel boys and Jesse Wallin
Yeah they're slinging pucks and bucks
Because you know our team is ballin'
The other guys got their heads down
You best watch out for Dumba
Goals, hits, lay the lumba'

The ABACDD rhyming scheme isn't a poetic convention that I learned in any literature classes, and there are some creative liberties rhyming Wild first rounder Mathew Dumba's name with "lumber", but that's all part of the parody. Also not sure about Rebels' coach Jesse Wallin's name rhyming with "ballin". A few creative liberties.

That next scene in the elevator? That would presumably be taking place at Red Deer's City Hall (I imagine one of the few buildings in Red Deer that has an elevator) since that is Red Deer mayor Morris Flewwelling asking the performers if they're "here for the budget."

Despite the political cameo and the Rebels players dancing in supporting roles, the one thing that keeps this from ranking up there with the Spokane Chiefs' Call Me Maybe or the Barrie Colts' Cha Cha Slide is that this isn't so much a performance by hockey players as it is an honest-to-goodness parody. FM stations like to pump out alternative lyrics of popular songs to back the local team, and that's what this is.

It's pretty enjoyable, all things considered.

Red Deer play at home to Medicine Hat tonight and currently sit 3rd place in the WHL's Central Division with a 4-5-0-1 record.

(s/t Doug Anderson)

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