Moncton Wildcats appeal Johnston’s 15-game suspension

Mike Sanderson
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The Moncton Wildcats were debating what to do about Ross Johnston's 15 game suspension and they finally acted Friday.

The team announced they will appeal Johnston's suspension in an effort to get him back in the lineup sooner. Johnston has sat the last four games, and, if the suspension is upheld, he will sit until the third game of the QMJHL playoffs.

Normally, league rules state that the appeal must be announced three days after the announcement of the suspension, in this case Feb. 24. Johnston's suspension was announced Feb. 21.

Johnston was suspended after breaking the jaw of Halifax's Brian Lovell with a stick swing in a game last month. No penalty was called on the play, but an isolated video of the play that the Mooseheads posted to YouTube went viral.

A source with the team said Tuesday that they were looking for anything in an effort to appeal the suspension, including appealing late on any grounds, and they must believe they've found something.

The appeal will be heard by an independent arbitrator, and will be held within 10 days of the request. The results will be announced within five days of the end of the appeal process.If the appeal takes the maximum 15 days, Johnston will have sat 12 of the 15 games of his suspension.

Johnston has 27 points in 53 games this season.

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