Minor hockey coach in Nova Scotia reportedly head butts assistant; both earn bans

It is important to note that not every coach is a coach "behaving badly". Frankly, the reputations of all are affected by the actions of some, and just because one coach tripped a player in a handshake line doesn't mean they all do. Just because one coach punched an opposing player doesn't mean they all do. Just because one coach starts throwing sticks during the middle of play doesn't mean they all do.

The latest entry in our "coaches behaving badly" series is an incident where at the very least, no kid was hurt. It seems a scheduling conflict at a novice minor hockey game sparked a disagreement between two coaches of the same Nova Scotian minor hockey team. That resulted in another disagreement on the bench, where head coach Scott Beed allegedly head butt assistant head coach Reggie Dwyer.

Dwyer alleges that after a disagreement and a heated exchange about what to tell players during a game in Antigonish in February, Beed lunged at him, head-butting him in the nose. As the two coaches were separated, Dwyer alleges Beed punched him in the eye.

“I never had time to think. He just took me off guard,” Dwyer said. “I never had a chance to protect myself.”

The game was stopped with about eight minutes remaining.

Dwyer, who said he had coached minor hockey for seven years with no prior incidents, tried to press charges against Beed. Sgt. Brian Rehill of Antigonish District RCMP said Monday there was insufficient evidence to pursue charges. [Halifax Chronicle Herald]

The prevalence of cellular phones and other portable video-taking devices usually results in a video of certain controversial incidents being posted online, but as of Tuesday afternoon, there are none, which makes reviewing the incident criminally near impossible. The Cumberland County Minor Hockey Association banned two coaches for three years and one year respectively, although they didn't release the names of the coach when announcing the ban.

Should be easy to guess which one is which.

Anyway, the opposing coach suggested that both coaches were sorry that the altercation happened. There are so many teams nationwide and information that circulates online that it becomes tougher to not be able to come across these stories of "coaches behaving badly" at minor hockey games. Whether there's a trend of coaches getting worse is unclear, particularly when most of the evidence of anecdotal. Hockey Nova Scotia is probably lucky that there's no video of the incident—Reggie Dwyer's black eye is enough for the organization to handle.

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