Youth wrestling coach charged with soliciting oral sex from 17-year-old

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

A boys youth wrestling coach in Wisconsin has been arrested on the troubling charges of soliciting oral sex from a 17-year-old boy he met at the wrestling center at which he works.

According to Milwaukee CBS affiliate WDJT, 31-year-old Steven Springsteen-Hensel was arrested in the parking lot of an Elkhorn middle school after police officers were tipped off to the advances Springsteen-Hensel had made to a teenager by a school resources officer.

Springsteen-Hensel, who is an Elkhorn resident, was arrested and held on bail of $15,000 and made his first court appearance in the case against him on Wednesday afternoon. Milwaukee Fox affiliate WITI reported that Springsteen-Hensel has admitted to his role in the incident, and has been banned from making any contact whatsoever with minors, as well as a blanket ban from using computers or cell phones for any reasons.

Meanwhile, the Elkhorn Wrestling Club, for which Sprinsteen-Hensel coached along with his role running the Southern Lakes Wrestling Center, quickly cut all ties with the coach despite Springsteen-Hensel's position on the Elkhorn Club's Board of Directors.

"We were completely shocked and devastated," Travis Showalter, vice president of the Elkhorn Wrestling Club, told the Janesville Gazette. "The person that you believed and trusted, this has come to the surface, and you don't know who this person really is.

"It's difficult to explain [to children] what Mr. Hensel's being charged with, and you've got to kind of make it so that he can understand it, yet it doesn't introduce him to a whole world that an 8-year-old doesn't need to know about."

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