Youth baseball coach arrested for ‘grooming’ player for sex

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

A youth baseball coach in Boston has been handed disturbing charges of "grooming" one of his athletes for sex.

Boston youth baseball coach Jose Ortega — Boston Police Department
Boston youth baseball coach Jose Ortega — Boston Police Department

As reported by the Associated Press, 41-year-old Jose Ortega was arrested on charges of enticing a child, unnatural and lascivious acts with a child, and attempting to pose a child in a state of nudity in connection with an incident involving one of the players on his own team.

According to Massachusetts prosecutors, Ortega invited the young player to be a part of his team, then tried to convince him to have sex in the coach's van and in a shower at the coach's house, and even to take and distribute sexual photos of himself. Equally disturbingly, the Associated Press reported that prosecutors are now investigating whether Ortega committed similar acts with other children on his team.

While Ortega could be released on $50,000 bond -- which he had not been reported as posting as of Tuesday -- he will only be released into the public under the condition that he avoid children, wear a GPS tracking bracelet and voluntarily forfeit his passport.

Naturally, all of those conditions are minor sacrifices for a coach who appears to have done all he could to commit as heinous a crime as possible to the most vulnerable in American society.

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