Young wrestler provides a dance for the ages

Wrestling is a delicate dance of style, technique and positioning, and this young wrestler from the Pan American Championships blends them all into a jig for the ages.

The interviewee is former Puyallup (Wash.) High standout Whitney Conder, who made a bid to become Washington's first female state wrestling champion a few years back, and she's fresh off a silver medal finish at the Pan Am games in Colorado in this 2012 video, which surfaced and went viral late Thursday.

The reason it went viral is no mystery: the dancing wrestler in the background, a young man making a case to become the next Mirror Ball Trophy winner on "Dancing With the Stars" (h/t Deadspin).

Of course, this young wrestler isn't the first to combine grappling with the art of dance. New England Patriots tight end once blended the two at a night club in Las Vegas. At the time, it was the most shocking thing a Pats tight end had ever done. Not anymore.

However, what makes the young wrestler above so mesmerizing is that he's dancing without any fanfare, unsuspecting of any cameras capturing his wondrous waltz. He's dancing for the love of the game, and we're all better for it.

Now, we don't know this young man's name, his weight class or how he fared in the Pan Am championships, but we can only assume he danced circles around his opponents.

In fact, for all we know, he is the same Egyptian hypnotist below who started the greatest combination of wrestling and dancing in the history of mankind. At least we hope so.

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