Wow. Stephon Marbury II has some serious dribbling skills

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Remember when Stephon Marbury's dizzying dribbling antics made him look like the next great NBA point guard? Now that he's far from those halcyon Timberwolves days, with a Chinese title under his belt, Marbury is turning his basketball fixation over to his son, Stephon Marbury II, who is already proving that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Just check out the video above. If that isn't the best dribbling exhibition you've ever seen from a 8 year old, Prep Rally would like to see the one that tops it.

As noted by a handful of fellow blogs, the video was first posted by Marbury's wife on her Instagram account. It depicts the younger Marbury being tutored by his famous father, with pretty impressive results.

Keep in mind, young Stephon "Turkey" Marbury -- yes, the younger Marbury is nicknamed Turkey -- is still just 8 years old. He's in third grade, and he can already handle the ball better than most high school guards and probably more than a few college players as well.

Naturally, even with his father in his corner, there's no guarantee that Turkey Marbury will make it to the big time, or even that he'll still want to play basketball in another year or two. Still, for the moment the possibility of a Julian Newman-level talent with the last name of Marbury is tantalizing.

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