The worst high school football play ever

There are horrible plays, and then there are horrible, unspeakable, "there's no way he actually just did that," plays. The high school football gem that's circulating the world wide Internets today is definitely the latter.

No one knows where or when this particular scholastic disaster occurred, but for some reason the Zapruder film evidence of its splendor first surfaced on Friday morning, via a cryptic site calling itself (which, after a bit of research, we're convinced doesn't actually exist). In the hours since, we've taken breaks from waxing lyrical on high school coaches and eligibility issues by trying to figure out what the running back in this clip was doing running in the wrong direction.

Sure, the option toss from his quarterback might be the worst one we've seen since Texas quarterback Garrett Gilbert's debacle that ended the first half of the NCAA championship game, but the running back started running toward his own end zone! He didn't get tipped off by the fact there were no linebackers or defensive backs in front of him? Really?

If the opposite direction sprint isn't bad enough, his futile toss into the air is even worse. It's easily the worst "Help! Save me!" lateral in the history of football.

[Rewind: Another truly awful trick play]

But is this actually the worst play in high school football history? Before you answer, check out the Vermont special after the jump.

Sure, this clip from last year's Mount Mansfield vs. Otter Valley (both of Vermont) game only has one atrocious error, but it might be the most glaring ever recorded. This isn't like DeSean Jackson leaving a ball short of the end zone, this is a kid spiking a football in the open field without going to the ground ... when a rivalry game was won as soon as his knee hits!

Amidst all the horrendous bloopers of past years, that Vermont finish seemed like the worst play ever ... until today. Even champions have to retire some time, and the Vermont clip will always know it went out to, truly, the worst play in high school football history.

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