World’s coolest teacher spins basketball atop pencil as he grades classwork

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

This is just the greatest thing.

We have no idea who this particular teacher is, where he works or how many drab hours he spent learning this particular trick. What we do know is that it may just be the single best stunt ever pulled off in an American classroom.

Based on the work on the projector in the background, it appears that this teacher is instructing his students in geometry, calculus or perhaps physics (an in-depth knowledge of physics might help explain the spinning skills).

Whatever he's teaching, we can't help but feel that this teacher might be missing a trick. The Harlem Globetrotters commented on the YouTube video depicting this stunt noting they were impressed and offering him a trick swap of sorts.

The Globetrotters don't just offer to teach everyone their tricks, so this coach has really figured something out. We hope he gets all the credit he deserves, whoever he is.

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