Woah! U-11 baseball player pulls off perfect home-plate leap

Devon Avedissian was absolutely determined to score for his U-11 team in the semi-final round of a wood bat tournament in San Marcos, Texas.

Avedissian took off for homeplate on a passed ball. The ball richocheted perfectly off the backstop, alllowing the catcher to snag it and dive at Avedissian as he approached the plate. The catcher did everything right – but that's when Avedissian showed he should probably try his luck at the high jump, too.

He sailed over the tag, landed upright, and tapped the plate with his hand.

That was the go-ahead run, sending Avedissian's team to the final.

Compare his dive to a similar attempt earlier this year, at a higher level: 

Maybe Vanderbilt should ask Avedissian few a few tips on form.

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