Wisconsin prep delivers one of the most vicious 'legal' hockey hits you'll ever see

This massive prep hockey hit was ruled clean by officials and an announcer who declared, "That's how you play the game," but the recipient of the blow probably wanted to hit the showers soon afterwards.

According to numbers listed on WisconsinPrepHockey.net rosters, Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln junior defenseman Grant Scharmer lines up this vicious check opposite incoming West Salem (Wis.) sophomore forward Zach Pierce, whose helmet appears focused on the puck. While Pierce lays motionless on the ice, referees blow the whistle only to break up an ensuing skirmish between the two teams.

According to the announcers, West Salem's coaches argued a penalty should've been called. Likewise, a lengthy debate about the legality of the hit -- whether Scharmer delivered it too high or left his feet too early -- can be found in thethe YouTube video's comment section (h/t Big Lead), but refs deemed it OK.

Pierce got the last laugh, though, logging an assist in West Salem's 4-3 sectional semifinal upset victory.

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