Wisconsin bans high school cheers that taunt opposition

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If you're at a high school game in Wisconsin, the state says it's time to watch your mouth. Here are a few things you can no longer cheer/chant/shout at the opposition:

"Air ball!"


"Season's over!"

Presumably the clap-clap-clapclapclap that accompanies many longtime beloved taunting chants is still permitted, but for now, students and cheerleaders in Wisconsin will have to conform to a new set of cheering standards. (Update: the standards themselves are not new, but the requested enforcement of them appears to be.) The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association announced the rules in December via email:

"Not wanting to restrict creativity or enjoyment, an enthusiastic and boisterous display of support for a school's team is welcomed and encouraged at interscholastic events when directed in a positive manner," the WIAA said in the email. "However, any action directed at opposing teams or their spectators with the intent to taunt, disrespect, distract or entice an  unsporting behavior in a response is not acceptable sportsmanship. Student groups, school administrators and event managers should take immediate steps to correct this unsporting behavior."

The rules are now making their way around the state's student bodies ... to less-than-positive reaction. One student at Hilbert High School was suspended after posting on Twitter a message that included the email along with the words "EAT [expletive] WIAA."

While the WIAA's intentions are noble, the outcome, as evidenced by the student's immediate reaction, is likely to be less so. Already, certain locales have banned cheering entirely at sporting events where administrators fear the impact of the crowd's words. It'd be a shame if high school basketball ever had to go that route.

Just in case, Jay Bilas offers some suggested "acceptable" chants:

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