Wind, apathy push punt an amazing 86 yards

Weather conditions can be a kicker's best and worst friend. Last week we saw video of a kickoff traveling backwards 12 yards in a stiff wind, and today we have a clip that portrays the other side of the coin.

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The punt you see above in video from the Sioux Falls (S.D.) Argus Leader was put up by Huron (S.D.) High's Adam Zwanziger, who deserves huge credit for both the strength of his leg and having two z's in his last name. Zwanziger's kick in the second quarter of Huron's season-ending playoff loss to the Warriors traveled through the air for a good 40 yards, then hit with a fairly typical bounce in front of a pair of Washington (S.D.) High return men.

That's when things got really interesting. The ball continued to waddle downfield like a duck, pushed by gale force winds, and eventually stopped inside the 5-yard line.

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By the time it was done moving, Zwanziger's kick traveled an amazing 86 yards, though it could have been stopped for half that amount if Washington's return men had come up to field it and weather a hit.

Still, the real highlight of the clip has to be the cameraman. With the ball still in motion, he seems to fall asleep at the wheel for a period of about 10 to 15 yards. We have no idea if he figured it had already been downed or if he just dozed off, but one way or another, we lost some serious yardage of wind-punt hilarity there. Get with it cameraman!

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Maybe he can try again at Washington's next game. The Warriors advanced to the Class 11AA semifinals with a 42-0 rout of Pierre (S.D) High on Monday night. No word on whether Washington has decided to start fielding punts more agressively in the aftermath of Zwanzinger's 86-yard boomer.

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