Why is a Wisconsin school playing as the Cubans? Why not the Cheeseheads?

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Yes, there is a school that plays as the Cheesemakers. It's a good thing, too. But Wisconsin is still a state in need of a mascot talk of faith. Why aren't there more strong dairy-based mascots?

Oredocker Stadium, home to Wisconsin's most unique mascot — Oredocker Foundation
Oredocker Stadium, home to Wisconsin's most unique mascot — Oredocker Foundation

Look, it's not as if there weren't an adequate variety of breeds of cows. Or of a school playing as the milk maids.

Rather, schools have overwhelmingly decided to go the more traditional route. That's a shame, though there are still some hidden gems in plain sight, even if they aren't the Holsteins.


At the very top of the cue is the Ashland (Wis.) High Oredockers. The nickname is a fitting one because the school sits near some of the largest ore docks in the country, right on the banks of the Great Lakes. Still, rather than playing as the Ashland Ash or Ashland Ore -- or hey, the Ashland Iron! That has a ring to it -- they're the Ashland Oredockers.

A bit awkward, a bit curious, totally genuine. That's a nice note for a nice state.

Other Great Wisconsin Mascots of Note:

Bayfield (Wis.) High aren't the Rollers, like the mythical Bay City, but they do play as a team name that rhymes with Rollers: The Trollers. Fitting for the town's name, Bay City is right on the shore of Lake Superior, and is home to a major epicenter of the fishing industry in the Midwest. Much of that fishing is done in trollers, so the school plays as Trollers in their honor.

Did you know that there is a Wisconsin town called Cuba City? There is, and their high school, Cuba City (Wis.) High, plays as the Cubans. No shock there. What is particularly unique, and ironic, is that Cuba City has a downtown street named after every American president. Something tells Prep Rally that Kennedy street ought to get a lot of action.

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