Here’s why Andrew Wiggins is the top recruit of 2013

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

When super-recruit Andrew Wiggins reclassified to the Class of 2013 he was instantly ranked as the top prospect among all seniors. At the time, many wondered why Wiggins, long a top prospect in his own right, was considered a more promising recruit than Jabari Parker, a teen who has been lauded as the most promising teen since LeBron for years.

Well, now we know. In fact, we can see why within seconds in the video above.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Andrew Wiggins is absolutely ridiculous. The Canadian, who competed for Huntington (W.V.) Prep for his final scholastic season, has been so dominant on the high school circuit that he routinely made it appear as if he was competing against elementary schoolers. And it wasn’t for opposing defenders not trying. Rather, they just might as well have called it a day and waited to be dunked on.

This really, honestly may be the most impressive highlight reel we’ve seen at the high school level. Keep in mind, Prep Rally receives dozens upon dozens of highlight reels. Tons of them. Many of them are quite impressive, but few make it feel as if the player highlighted is actually an imposter playing down a level … or two. We're not the only ones who took a shining to Wiggins' latest foray into the highlight universe, either.

It’s worth noting at this point that even though this highlight reel focuses almost solely on dunks and dramatic drives into the lane, Wiggins can actually shoot the mid-range and deep jump shot, as you can see in the video below. It’s one of the things that has long made him stand out over other prospects (Parker not necessarily included).

Naturally, Prep Rally isn’t the only outlet that has caught on to the dominance exhibited in Wiggins’ latest reel. Still, it’s worth wondering what happened to past phenoms who were this dominant. LeBron James turned out ok. John Wall was pretty impossible to defend on video, and while he hasn’t been a superstar in D.C. yet, it seems fair to say that he’s still turned out alright.

So, given those predictors, Wiggins could look to land somewhere between John Wall and King James when he eventually gets to the NBA (yes, he’ll get there), assuming he continues to develop his game. That’s not too shabby folks, even for a kid who has spent the past few months completely toying with the opposition.

Of course, before then Wiggins will spend at least one year at a college to be determined. You know what that means? There's still technically a chance he ends up at Florida Gulf Coast. Come on Florida Gulf Coast! What could be more entertaining?

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