Washington softball coach on leave after sending players on ‘scavenger hunt’ to find him dates

Cameron Smith
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Roosevelt softball coach Troy Hennum, in happier times — Facebook
Roosevelt softball coach Troy Hennum, in happier times — Facebook

Say this for Troy Hennum: Of all the disturbing, over the top ways in which a high school coach can get himself put on indefinite leave, the Washington softball head man was extremely original.

Unfortunately, Hennum's over-the-line moment was also apparently extremely perverse, which may soon end his time as a high school employee.

As reported by the Seattle Times, Hennum was put on indefinite leave as head coach of the Seattle (Wa.) Roosevelt High softball team in connection with disturbing allegations that he sent his players out on a “scavenger hunt” to find him dates. The coach allegedly told his players to “take photos of cute girls” and get their numbers so he could start a conversation with them.

Incredibly, the coach wasn’t joking around. His softball charges approached 21-year-old Katharine Aagard at a sporting goods store, snapped a picture of her and then convinced her to give them her number. Shortly after the teens relayed that info back to Hennum, he reached out to Aagard via text, as released to the Times.

“this is troy. The roosevelt softball coach. I had to see if your legit,” he wrote.

Aagard responded, and the two bantered over the course of a few hours.

She showed those messages to The Seattle Times

“Genius, great way to meet a girl, use my girls lol,” he wrote in another text, patting himself on the back for the scavenger hunt.

“Are you single? Or am I wasting my time,” he wrote in another message.

While Aagard said she initially felt flattered by the attention from the coach, she eventually felt creeped out by the coach’s strain of messages (rightfully so). After discussing the conversation with a friend, the college-aged text recipient reached out to Roosevelt High officials to alert them about the coach’s actions.

Needless to say, those officials were less than amused, with the school’s principal promising to immediately look into the matter, then placing the coach on indefinite unpaid leave. Incredibly, Hennum had officially been on the job just six days by the time he was disciplined for the disturbing “scavenger hunt.”

Yet equally disturbing is the fact that Hennum is no newcomer to questionable interactions with his players. As previously reported by the Kirkland Reporter, Hennum was investigated while he served as softball coach at Lake Washington (Wa.) High for inappropriate texting after he contacted a female student late at night on an overnight trip, asking her to come to his room.

At the time, the coach claimed that he was concerned about her because of “off-the-field issues.” Now, those issues seem to focus more on Hennum himself than the student.

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