Want to caddy for LPGA bombshell star Natalie Gulbis? An $8,000 high school donation can make it happen

Cameron Smith

Natalie Gulbis is one of the top golfers on the LPGA professional circuit, but she's also a bit of a sex symbol for her blond bombshell good looks. Less than a week ago, Gulbis even appeared in full body paint in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue, proving she clearly isn't afraid to flaunt her sexuality for her own benefit.

LPGA golfer Natalie Gulbis — Getty Images

Evidently she's willing to trade on both her golf prowess and good looks to help a good cause, too. We know that after a listing in the Charlotte (N.C.) Palisades Episcopal School silent auction officially offered a chance for any prospective high bidder to caddy a round for Gulbis at a LPGA event of the bidder's choice in the 2012 event calendar (with a few exceptions). As noted by the Orlando Sentinel, there's even a "Buy it Now" option to accompany Gulbis for $8,000.

Gulbis' offering up a round of caddying is certainly a generous one, particularly when you consider all the advice a traditional caddy offers to a golfer. This isn't a practice round that's being auction off, either; this is a full competitive round in which Gulbis is playing for her own salary (players earn different sums based on where they finish in an event's list of competitors).

Perhaps more strikingly, if Gulbis was going to auction off a chance to caddy for her, she could easily keep the proceeds for herself. Instead, she's giving up the $8,000 for what most would agree is a good cause: Helping fund a private school's operating costs and scholarships, even though that school is nowhere near where she herself grew up (Gulbis is a Sacramento native).

Of course, if helping Gulbis golf isn't your cup of tea, there's also an $8,000 opportunity to serve as a caddy for 2012 Ryder Cup Captain Davis Love III when he plays at the Wells Fargo Championship Pro-Am. That's nothing to sniff at, but considering all the leeway Gulbis is offering, her "gift" to Palisades seems a bit more gracious, both to the school and all the prospective bidders who would surely love to spend a day near one of the hottest names in golf, in more ways than one.

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