Volleyball player shakes off unbelievable spike to the face blooper in Illinois game

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Volleyball doesn’t typically earn consideration as a particularly hazardous sport. In fact, short of slipping on water on the court or getting one’s hand stuck in the net in a what would be a true fluke injury there may not be a way to get hurt in volleyball. In other words, it’s about as safe a sport as you’ll find outside the bounds of sheer dumb luck.

That doesn’t mean that volleyball can’t look like it hurts though, as one Illinois teen discovered during a recent game.

As first discovered and posted without full background by Bob’s Blitz -- and they have yet to miss a single buzzer beater, blooper or highlight reel by our calculations -- the video you see above comes from a recent boys volleyball game between Orland Park (Ill.) Carl Sandburg High and league foe Palos Hills (Ill.) Amos Alonzo Stagg High.

While the game featured plenty of highlights, the play that stole everyone’s attention was one of the great blooper shots of the year. While attempting to position himself to return an attempted Stagg spike, Sandberg junior Jimmy Drynan found himself on the wrong end of a very aggressively struck Voit (or Mizuno ... or Mikasa? We couldn’t read the brandmark from the video) orb.

In fact, the spike was so hard that it literally knocked Drynan over. Luckily for all, Drynan was able to pull himself up and get back in the game. His teammates flocked to him after the ball made contact with his head, though he was quick to shake off the incident.

Well, almost all his teammates flocked to him. One particular teammate -- senior Michael Scannell has a hard time trying to hide when he’s wearing a different colored jersey -- spun around and hid from the impact while displaying a timeless completely stunned face.

Prep Rally is fairly confident that all was eventually forgiven. After all, its hard to blame anyone from shirking away from that kind of impact, if only to give the victim space to recover.

Still, Drynan and his teammates will probably remember that impact for some time to come. It was certainly hit hard enough to reverberate into the future.

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