Volleyball player saves point with incredible seated dig and kick rally

Cameron Smith

This isn't the first time we've showcased an incredible defensive volleyball point here at Prep Rally, but this might be the finest combination point we've come across.

The video you see above comes from St. Louis, where two of the nation's top teams were facing off at the 2013 Tournament of Champions. With St. James Academy (Lenexa, Ks.) taking on Bishop Kelley School (Tulsa, Okla.), St. James found itself returning a Bishop Kelley serve. After a series of volleys, St. James star Brie Lewis found the ball hurtling toward her as she slipped to the ground.

Incredibly, Lewis got off a dig from her thigh to keep her team's rally alive. That's when she achieved an even more notable feet, saving the point with a kick return that somehow made it over the net.

That gave Lewis and her teammates just enough time to regroup, leading to another extended parry back and forth that finally ended with an almost inch perfect return that landed just inside the line, giving St. James a truly unexpected point.

The point was just part of a straight set victory for St. James, one of the nation's top volleyball squads. The squad has been ranked as high as No. 2 in the nation, and it's 25-18 and 25-21 victory against Bishop Kelley only reinforced that strength.

The team improved to 16-0 with the win and shows no sign of slipping backward anytime soon.

With Lewis on the case, there's no wonder it's had no problem being so successful.

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