Virginia mascots: Military and mighty notes of authenticity

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

It's almost as if Waynesboro (Va.) Fishburne Military School was looking for a mascot that was just different than everyone else. What other reason could it use for deploying the Caisson in its corner?

The Fishburne Caissons wrestling squad packs plenty of ammunition — Fishburne Military School
The Fishburne Caissons wrestling squad packs plenty of ammunition — Fishburne Military School

Fishburne adopted the Caissons as their mascot in honor of a traditional military vehicle that was towed by a horse. Caissons were used to bring ammunition into battle, so its not an entirely inappropriate mascot for a program that fancies itself a real threat for any opposition.


As noted by MaxPreps, the more modern interpretation of a Caisson is a structure that makes it easier to set watertight foundations for bridges and piers, but pfffft. Who cares about bridges and piers. It's about the military, folks. Fisburne is a military school, and its Caissons will always fight the military fight.

Other Great Virginia Mascots of Note:

The town of Norfolk is more than just the capital of the Tidewater region. It's also the home to mighty prep sports teams. This is certain because two of its high schools use nicknames that are officially "mighty." Norfolk (Va.) Collegiate High competes as the Mighty Oaks, while Norfolk (Va.) Washington High plays as the Mighty Bookers.

While no one seems sure why Norfolk Collegiate chose the Oaks, there's little mystery why Washington plays as the Bookers; Booker T. Washington was one of the most influential African American figures of the 19th century, so using his name as the school's athletic honorarium is only fitting.

The Manassas (Va.) Holy Family Academy sports teams are the Vendeens. Don't know what a Vendeen is? Head to a dog show, where you can catch owners of Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens celebrating their pooches and comparing them, best-in-show style. Unsurprisingly, Holy Family Academy is the only school in America to play as the Vendeens, perhaps because the dogs are known as a particularly friendly breed. Just look at this guy. Could anyone be intimidated by this?

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