Virginia football and track coach arrested for steroids possession and distribution

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A suburban Washington, D.C. teacher and former assistant football and track coach has been arrested and charged with allegedly running a steroids ring. While it is still undetermined if the teacher was selling drugs to his students, local police continue to investigate the case and insist that is still a possibility.

Former South County football coach Jeffrey Reagan — Fairfax County Police
Former South County football coach Jeffrey Reagan — Fairfax County Police

As reported by the Washington Post, Jeffery Reagan, a former assistant track and football coach at Lorton (Va.) South County Secondary School who was up for another football coaching position at West Springfield (Va.) Secondary School, was arrested on charges of both possessing steroids and intending to distribute the drugs. The teacher and freshman football coach was arrested at a local shopping center during a school day where he allegedly planned to meet his drug supplier, but was instead faced with police at the scene.

Reagan's arrest served as the culmination of a six-month investigation which began with a tip sent to authorities in December. After the teacher's arrest, a further search of his home uncovered a number of other illicit substances which are believed to be steroids, providing further evidence that the coach and teacher was involved with the drug trade beyond his own personal use.

The teacher was immediately placed on administrative leave from his post at Mountain View (Va.) Secondary School after his arrest. Regardless of the outcome of his case, his return to either his teacher or coaching positions is now in serious doubt; the West Springfield football booster club website, which had listed Reagan as the offensive and defensive line coach, immediately removed his bio from its pages after the charges were levied.

West Springfield officials also moved quickly to distance the coach from the school.

"His 'association' with West Springfield consisted of attendance during two days of a recent football camp and a fitness workout session as part of him being evaluated to join the football staff," Fairfax County Schools Spokeswoman Mary Shaw told the Post.

The South County football team, for which Jeffrey Reagan was an assistant coach —
The South County football team, for which Jeffrey Reagan was an assistant coach —

As for whether or not Reagan ever distributed the drugs to students, that consideration remains a prime source of concern for all those associated with both Fairfax County schools with which the 43-year-old had an association. A Fairfax County police spokeswoman said that no evidence had emerged making that link, though the ongoing investigation would continue to probe precisely such a possibility.

While there are no direct positives to be taken from Reagan's alleged steroid distribution, regardless of who received the drugs, the police spokesman said that the incident could serve as a window with which parents could discuss illegal drug use in the context of scholastic sports.

"This is a good opportunity for parents to have conversations with their student athletes," Fairfax County police spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell told the Post.

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