Here’s your unstoppable youth football highlight of the week

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

It's Friday. That's high time for a ridiculous youth football highlight, isn't it?

Much like the soccer highlight from England that we brought you earlier, we have absolutely no idea who this young dynamo is, or where he hails from. What we do know is that he is an absolutely irresistible combination of elusiveness and overwhelming power. He simply refuses to go down, dropping off five would-be tacklers en route to the end zone.

On this particular highlight it's hard to fault the prospective tacklers, too. Often in youth football highlights, tacklers are more flopsy, trip-prone, top-heavy kiddos who are already thinking about chicken nuggets. These youngsters seemed to legitimately be engaged in the chase, and they were certainly doing their best to pull down their opponent.

They just couldn't do it, thanks to his Barry Sanders-like slipperiness and, dare we say, Jim Brown-esque stiff arm.

Here's hoping we see more of the runner in the future. If he doesn't grow at a much quicker pace, he'll make a great Reggie Bush clone in 8-10 years.

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