Unfortunate yearbook typo labels Little League photo of slugger a ‘Home Run Hitler’

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally
This is one very unfortunate yearbook ad — imgur
This is one very unfortunate yearbook ad — imgur

Well, this is incredibly unfortunate.

In an ad that was intended to bring good cheer to a graduating senior (or 8th grader, it’s hard to tell), a baseball player’s family dug up a photo of his time playing for his Little League All-Star squad.

The shot is inconspicuous enough, with the unnamed player in question trotting around the bases with a couple nice smears of eye black while a distressed foe in the background holds his hands on his head. It’s a nice remembrance of a moment of glory.

There was just one problem: The phrase the family chose to honor their son (and brother) had a wee little misspelling in it, in a particularly unforgiving place. Instead of “Congrats to our Home Run Hitter,” as the family clearly intended to inscribe, they instead put in an ad that celebrated their “Home Run Hitler.”

No, it doesn’t seem likely that this is a white supremacist baseball family. Rather, it’s just a family that needs a more careful use of spell checking tools.

While it’s impossible to know precisely where the shot came from, it was brought to Prep Rally’s attention by Deadspin, which dug up the shot via Reddit and the social image sharing site imgur. From the looks of the uniform front, it appears that the player used to compete as part of the El Segundo Little League in California, though that could be an illusion.

Regardless of who he is or where he hails from, that young trotter is no “Home Run Hitler,” even if his parents accidentally presented him to the world that way.

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