Two Oklahoma teams could set the all-time national scoring record, but they’ll have to beat each other to do it

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

The single-season, team-scoring record in football has held steady for 11 years, with Albermarle (N.C.) High's astounding 903 points remaining as the standard bearer for all to chase. Now that mark may come crashing down not once but twice in the span of two weeks. Yet, in a unique twist, both teams that could achieve that feat are competing in the same state, with a potential matchup against one another for a state title in the offing.

As noted by the Oklahoman, both Vian (Okla.) High and Frederick (Okla.) High find their season point totals in striking distance of Albermarle's single-season record with two potential games to come. Both teams will compete in their respective class semifinals where they could earn a spot in the subsequent state finals.

At this point, Vian has scored 821 points in 12 games. Frederick has scored 790 points in that same 12-game period.

Clearly, Vian would seem to have a legitimate shot at taking down Albermarle's record. The Wolverines have scored at least 43 points in each game this season, and if they accomplish that two more times that alone would be enough to catapult them past the Albermarle mark. More impressively, Vian has already topped the 70-point mark during the ongoing playoffs, blowing out Kansas (Okla.) High 76-26 in the Class 2A state playoffs.

While Frederick would require a pair of all-time explosive performances to edge past the existing standard, there is no reason to believe that can't happen. Rather, Frederick has already established a track record of pulling off just such a feat, surpassing 70 points in five games during the 2012 campaign.

Needless to say, two more games like that and the Bombers would set a scoring record, too.

"We go out and we just go play and things happen," Frederick coach Hugh Farmer told the Oklahoman. "A lot of times, people look at you bad, but the kids have played hard."

The issue, of course, is that only one of the two Class 2A powers can win a state title. While both would seem likely bets to reach the state championship game, both could also be within striking distance of the all-time scoring mark by the time that game starts.

That would perhaps be a fitting coda to a remarkable season for both programs, regardless of which one eventually goes into the record books. After all, how often is it that a Mike Leach-styled gunslinging offense isn't the highest scoring in the state?

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