Two little kids take down Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man suit in a game of pickup basketball

Ben Rohrbach
Prep Rally

In the movies, Andrew Garfield can shatter backboards from the 3-point line, as he did in "The Amazing Spider-Man." Sure, he traveled and committed an offensive foul, but some impressive roundball skills nonetheless. In real life? Spidey has no skills.

A YouTube video posted over the weekend seems to catch the tail end of a pickup game between Garfield and a pair of little kids in New York City's Chinatown (h/t Big Lead).

The 29-year-old actor has his pocket picked by one kid and can only watch as the child's buddy drains what appears to be a game-winning bucket in his eye. Not even the costume could save Garfield, who was in Manhattan shooting "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

Garfield previously showed off his awkward form and poor shooting percentage at a charity event last summer. With great power comes great responsibility, and apparently Garfield's responsibility is to repeatedly get beat at basketball by New York City youth.

Garfield has good reason for his basketball inadequacy. He was raised in England by a swimming coach of a father who also subjected him to gymnastics at City of London's Freemen's School. It takes a rare talent like Manute Bol or Tim Duncan to turn swimming success into court clout. And Garfield is no Big Fundamental.

"I was a gymnast and swimmer until 13," Garfield once told Britain's The List. "Then I gave sports up and started naval gazing. I needed something to keep me afloat, so my parents suggested acting classes. I took them and a very encouraging teacher suggested I could make a career out of it. As soon as that happened, I felt some kind of purpose."

That explains everything. Sadly, Emma Stone had to be subjected to this losing game of 1-on-2. She can be seen walking her golden retriever in shame behind the defeated web-slinger on the YouTube video. He's lucky if their relationship lasts the week.

But seriously, good for Garfield. Those kids won't forget the day they beat Spider-Man.

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