Two coaches get engaged on football sidelines on the same night

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Friday night was a big one for prep football coaches in love. In two different sports in two different states, surprise proposals left both a cheerleading a football coach betrothed.

As reported by MaxPreps and the Kansas City Star respectively, White Pigeon High (White Pigeon, Mich.) assistant football coach Kurt Twitchell and Van Horn High (Van Horn, Mo.) cheerleading coach Crystal Escobar were both the subject of surprise proposals during their teams' Friday night face-offs.

Twitchell waited until after he was finished helping with White Pigeon's win against Centreville High (Centreville, Mich.). With the players and coaches finished with the handshake line, Twitchell was greeted on the field by his girlfriend. As soon as she got on the field, Twitchell dropped to a knee and asked her to marry him, as you can see in the video above.

Twitchell's unnamed now-fiance' was stunned, and happily said yes in a shocked and happy conclusion to a proposal that clearly caught her off guard.

Escobar was the subject of a more manufactured but still very special proposal orchestrated by longtime boyfriend Trevor Julo. First Escobar's squad completed a halftime routine that was choreographed by Escobar herself.

According to the Star, as soon as that routine was complete, Van Horn principal Patrick Layden brought Escobar on to the field and began extolling the virtues of the cheerleading coach.

That's when the stadium sound system kicked in with one of Escobar and Julo's favorite songs -- the SafetySuit romantic ballad "Never Stop" -- and Julo walked on to the field. As he approached, Escobar's cheerleaders lifted up two members with signs that read "Will You Marry Me?"

The coach quickly agreed, and Escobar was happy to admit that she was touched by Julo's efforts to ensure that her athletes were involved in the couple's special moment.

"I'm a pretty critical person, but I wouldn’t change anything about that proposal," Escobar told the Star. "It was absolutely perfect and absolutely me.

"It seems kind of weird, but it really fits for us, because my life really changed when I got this job here and the cheerleaders are like my family. I'm here all the time, this is like where I live so it makes sense to do it here with everyone I love. Being in front of everybody was kind of nerve-racking, but it was still good."

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