Top recruit Elisha Shaw makes plea for 5-star rating, reveals he’s a porn fan in the process

Cameron Smith

Well, this is embarrassing.

Elisha Shaw, a four-star recruit who is being recruited by the best programs in the country —

Elisha Shaw, one of the top defensive line prospects in the nation, is expected to be a big-time college player come fall 2014. The rising senior at Atlanta (Ga.) Tucker High is considered one of the top 50 overall prospects in the Class of 2014 and is being recruited heavily by the likes of Alabama, Texas, Florida State and a handful of other top programs.

Still, Shaw has not been given a 5-star rating, and he considered that quite a slight. In fact, as reported by the blog Outkick the Coverage, Shaw was so upset that he hadn’t given given a fifth star (he’s currently considered a 4-star recruit by that he tweeted out a screenshot of his computer looking at the top player rankings for, with the appended caption “Man, I need that fifth star.”

There was just one issue that Shaw hadn’t consider. Shaw was looking at the 247Sports rankings on one tab, but had two other browser tabs open on his iPad. One of those other tabs displayed a “Cannot Open Page” error message; the other showed a ‘’ search for a well-known porn star.

Now we can officially add screengrabbing proof of one’s own porn watching activity as a recruiting social media snafu.

The specific star of pornographic movies in question is a 23-year-old young lady named Isis Taylor, who is a well-documented (or at least photographed) USC fan. In fact, as soon as Taylor heard that Shaw was searching for some of her past work, she took the opportunity to reach out to him on Twitter herself, encouraging him to head to USC.

Elisha Shaw's tweeted screengrab, with an Isis Taylor search — Twitter

That may very well mark another first in student social media snafus: A porn star soliciting a football recruit to try and influence his collegiate pick.

So far, Shaw has been quiet about the entire incident. No schools have backed off the 6-foot-5, 295-pounder yet, though that may not last the longer that he lets the Isis Taylor story linger.

Then again, maybe he’ll just pick USC. The Trojans weren’t on his radar before, but maybe now that he’s got wind of one very notable star, they might want to reconsider their odds.

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