Titus the Trick Shot Toddler owns Jimmy Kimmel in free throw competition

Earlier in February the world was introduced to Titus the Trick Shot Toddler. At the time, 2-year-old Titus was trucking his mini-hoop and soft mini basketballs all over the place, connecting on unlikely buckets from all across his parents' property.

Now he's taking his show on the road ... and embarrassing at least one major late night talk show host in the process.

As seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Titus routed Kimmel in a Pop-A-Shot style shootout on the set of the late night show on Thursday night. Given 60 seconds a piece, Kimmel connected on six free throws. Shooting from an equivalent distance in relation to a miniature hoop, Titus hit 10. It wasn't even close. And he absorbed an atrociously unsportsmanlike block from Kimmel in the process (all in good fun, of course).

The "Kimmel-Titus Challenge" was born out of Titus' struggles to hit shots on other talk shows following his big viral breakthrough (it's ok, little dude, everyone gets stage fright once in awhile). Clearly he felt more at home with the forgiving rims on Kimmel's set.

Naturally, everyone expected Titus to win. You don't bring a 2-year-old on to late night broadcast TV unless you have a pretty good idea that he will be emerge as the adorable, talented pony in whatever dog and pony show he's participating in.

Still, Titus' accuracy continues to amaze. For a 2-year-old to prove that accurate at anything, let alone a ball sport, is remarkable.

Now, about fixing those mechanics and getting a little more follow-through ...

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