Tim Tebow stands up for high schooler disciplined for Tebowing during graduation

Cameron Smith
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Just when you thought "Tebowing" had gone the way of the Macarena, the fad of imitating the Jets QB's post touchdown pose had a major week, with Snoop Dogg throwing down a Tebow following a first pitch and the national media capturing upon the story of a Florida teenager who had his diploma withheld for Tebowing in front of the school's principal on stage.

Tim Tebow "Tebows" before playing the Patriots — Associated Press
Tim Tebow "Tebows" before playing the Patriots — Associated Press

Now the would-be messiah of the fad, Tim Tebow himself, has come out in support of the student who was disciplined for following his on-field lead.

As first reported by the New York Daily News, Tebow spoke up for Fort Myers (Fla.) Bishop Verot High senior Chuck Shriner, who was disciplined by his own mother, a math teacher at Bishop Verot, after he Tebowed on stage during his commencement.

"I don't think his diploma should be withheld," Tebow told the Daily News. "I think it was probably something a lot of people laughed at. I don't know that it was necessarily appropriate, but I definitely think he should be able to graduate."

Of course, Shriner was, in fact, allowed to graduate. The penalty for Shriner's offense was a simple two-day delay in the receipt of his diploma and a penalty of gym cleaning, a relatively heavy fine considering the fact that Shriner's Tebowing stunt allegedly brought laughter from the entire audience but won him only a $5 bet.

Will Shriner Tebow again? That remains to be seen. Now an official Bishop Verot graduate, the teen said that his stunt was well worth the delay in diploma receipt, even if he enraged his own mother in the process.

"She's a math teacher there," Shriner told the Naples Daily News of his mother. "It [the punishment] was all her idea. …

"She was really mad. But I think it was worth it."

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