Tim Tebow cutout prom date still waiting to talk to Tebow himself

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Early in May, Prep Rally brought you the story of Kingsley-Pierson (Iowa) senior Rachel Bird, a star athlete who decided to take a cardboard cutout of Tim Tebow to prom rather than an actual human being in the flesh. The decision landed Bird significant national media attention, and inspired numerous photo ops and follow-up appearances for the fake Tebow.

Rachel Bird with her Tim Tebow cutout — Twitter
Rachel Bird with her Tim Tebow cutout — Twitter

Weeks later, Bird is still reaping the benefits of her innovative prom date, most recently in the form of a gift pack from fitness nutrition products maker FRS, which included a signed Tebow jersey.

As reported by the Des Moines Register, Bird landed her special gift pack after she Tweeted FRS about Flat Tebow. As one might expect for a self-avowed Tebow nut, Bird was quite excited to receive the jersey and other goodies.

"I was so surprised," Bird told the Register. "I never really thought anything would come of [taking Flat Tebow to the prom]."

Yet, as noted by NBC blog Off the Bench, Bird's Cinderella story is still missing one final feel good chapter: The teen has still not had any direct contact with Tebow himself. Given how savvy Tebow and his PR team traditionally have been, it's a surprise that he hasn't taken the brief step to talk to Bird on the phone or in person.

Then again, if he had reached out, would Tebow have set an unrealistic standard where he was expected to personally reach out to every kid who puts together a custom Tebow jersey or writes a clever Tebow jingle?

Perhaps, though one gets the feeling that even that wouldn't be so unfair, given the lengths to which Bird went to make sure she got to take Tebow -- in one form or another -- to what is often the most special night of a teenager's still young life.

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