This JV basketball dunk might be the greatest of all JV basketball dunks

Ben Rohrbach

If your junior varsity boys' hoop team was like mine, it was filled with plenty of kids who had no business on a basketball court. Not so for the Taylor (Mich.) Kennedy Eagles, apparently.

Check out this Maceo Anderson to Charles Pritchett off-the-backboard alley-oop against Trenton (Mich.). Again, this is JV ball, and Pritchett is posterizing kids like it's the Globetrotters against the Senators.

My favorite part of all these types of videos: the bench's reaction as the coach remains stoic, trying not to enjoy the fact his team is leading 38-15 and throwing down dunk contest dunks en route to a 54-34 win.

How good is this JV team? Well, they're 13-0, their closes game was a double-digit victory and they're the rare JV squad that posts their stats on MaxPreps. Anderson and Pritchett, both sophomores, are averaging 21.6 points and 11.2 rebounds, but this dunk was two of just four points for Pritchett against Trenton.

Meanwhile, Kennedy's varsity owns an 11-3 record with the And 1 tour in the pipeline.