Third-grade AAU basketball team's coach assaults parent in stands

Prep Rally

After calmly making his way through the handshake line, this coach of a third-grade AAU boys' basketball team isn't so collected when he confronts a parent on the opposite side of the court (h/t Big Lead).

According to, the coach is a member of the Basketball Stars of New York (BSNY) Titans staff. His team reportedly lost to host House of Sports Elite in Ardsley, N.Y. over the weekend.

"The parent was yelling (expletive) across the court at him the whole game. Who does that?"Instagram user tomberri, who posted video of the incident, told "Who does that?"

The description of the video posted on Instagram claims the coach was arrested following the game. Again, these are 8-year-olds, and this assault happened in plain view of everyone.

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