The miracle Michigan prep basketball playoff game-winner you have to see to believe

Well, this is about the most ridiculous game-winning buzzer-beater you'll ever see.

At any point from the moment the ball fired toward the backboard, ricocheted off the glass, bounced once off the floor and sailed passed the 3-point line, a Middleton (Mich.) Fulton High player could have glanced a fingernail across the ball, and the 0.8 seconds left on the clock would have run out.

Instead, nobody got a hand on the ball until it ended up in Dustin Neyer's hands -- mid-air, mind you -- and the Mt. Pleasant (Mich.) Sacred Heart senior shooting guard shot the ball back off the backboard, around the rim and through the hoop for a stunning 49-47 Class D regional final championship win.

"The way it was set up, I was supposed to set a screen for (Kevin) Gamble right at the top of the key," Neyer told The Morning Sun's Nate Schneider, who captured the shot on Tout. "But Brooks (Hyble) threw it a little hard off the backboard and somehow it landed in my hands. At first I thought the clock had run out, but then I realized you have to touch it for the clock to start. So I just chucked it up and it went in."

According to Schneider, the game was tied 47-47 at the time. Clearly, Neyer's shot came from beyond the arc, so the referees must have forgotten to grant him a 3-pointer in the frenzy that ensued. (Speaking of the celebration, The Morning Sun has an amazing picture of a kid in a banana costume celebrating with Neyer as Sacred Heart fans storm the court.) The win sends Sacred Heart to the state quarterfinals.

While the game would have gone into overtime had Neyer not been the hero, a Sacred Heart loss appeared inevitable when Fulton reportedly took a 47-43 lead with 44 seconds remaining. But Hyble and Gamble sandwiched a pair of buckets around Fulton's miss on the front end of a one-and-one to tie the game with 2.1 seconds left, according to the game story. A Fulton turnover then set up Neyer's heroics.

“It hit the rim, then the backboard and then the rim again and went in," Fulton coach Todd Walden told the Lansing State Journal. "It was about an 18-footer, so it’s a tough way to lose.”

It was 25 feet, but who could blame Walden for not watching any replays of the remarkable shot? And here's one more angle from local radio station My 1043 for good measure. Just like they drew it up.

(h/t Deadspin)

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