Texas team wins on another return of potential game-winning field goal

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Remember when De La Salle High (Warren, Mich.) fell to Central Catholic High (Detroit, Mich.) in the most painful fashion possible; a 99-yard return of what would have been a game-winning field goal for De La Salle? Evidently one Texas junior varsity coach forgot already, as he presided over an even more remarkable turn of fortune, again on a missed field goal which would have won the game for his own team.

As dug up by USA Today, the video you see above comes from Spruce High (Dallas, Tex.) and the school's junior varsity football program. Spruce's JV squad was facing off against its counterpart from Adams High (Dallas, Tex.) with the teams knotted up 21-21 with just seconds remaining. Rather than settle for overtime, Adams decided to attempt a long field goal of 53 yards, a distance that is remarkably long for junior varsity squads.

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In this case there was apparently good reason for Adams to try the kick, as the school's unnamed JV leg had almost enough distance for the kick. He ended up about 5 yards short. Normally, as soon as the ball fell short the team's would have started preparing for overtime. Not this time, as Spruce's coaching staff lined up returner Kemontray Bundred just in front of the end zone in case the extra long kick fell short.

The kick eventually sent Bundred 7 yards deep in his own end zone. He caught the kick, fielding it like a deep punt, and brought it back out with nothing to lose. After a series of elusive moves and a burst of speed, the freshman booked it all 107 yards to the end zone to land a stunning 27-21 victory for Spruce's JV squad.

Bundred broke at least four tackles on the unlikely return, based on Prep Rally's count, and showed skill and speed worthy of each yard on his game-winning return. With plays like that, it's unlikely he'll keep suiting up for the JV squad much longer.

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