Texas squad wins with wild squib kick TD return with no time on the clock

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

It didn't take very long to get our first "Get out of town!" finish to a football game of the 2013 season.

The video you see above, which was brought to Prep Rally's attention by the good folks at Bob's Blitz, comes from a game between Copperas Cove (Tx.) High and A&M Consolidated (Tx.) High, a highly-ranked grudge match between well respected Class 5A Texas squads. With Copperas Cove holding a 41-38 lead with just one second left on the clock, the Bulldogs decided that the best way to seal a huge early season home victory was to use a squib kick on the ensuing kickoff.

That was an enormous mistake.

Instead of a clean, quiet conclusion, what ensued was the freak kickoff return to end all kickoff returns. Tigers running back Brandon Jackson fielded the squib cleanly and cut up field ... then cut back again and eventually appeared cornered. That's when he shoveled the ball off to fellow running back Derrick Dick, who had no problem taking the ball the rest of the way to the end zone.

No time left, six points A&M Consolidated, 44-41 victory, Tigers.

The season is still early, but it will be hard for any squads to top that wild finish. Even in Texas. The two teams could meet again in the state playoffs, with both likely regional contenders as they are most seasons. If they do, something tells Prep Rally that Copperas Cove will probably put as strong a boot through any kicks they get.

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