Texas players who blindsided official blame coach's direction

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The two players from Texas's John Jay High School who put a blindside hit on a game official have spoken to "Good Morning America," and the players are blaming their coach.

Victor Rojas and Michael Moreno were suspended both from the team and from school, and assistant coach Mack Breed is on paid leave after he allegedly told the players that the ref "needs to pay" for calls that went against the team.

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Both players appeared on GMA and said that they were "doing what [they] were told" by the coach. Moreno expressed remorse and indicated that he pulled up somewhat because of his indecision about the order to hit the official. "You need to hit him," Breed allegedly told Moreno. "You need to hit the ref. He needs to pay the price."

The players have alleged that the umpire used racial slurs against them, a charge the umpire vigorously denies. Police are investigating the incident, and the referee may take legal action on his own against the players. Both players expressed significant regret for the incident and hope to return to school soon.

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