Texas high school band is true election winner after Mitt Romney, Big Bird dance off

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Plenty of people hold that high school band is a haven for "dorks" and the most unathletic members of a student population. They are wrong, and this video acutely shows why with a fantastic bit of Election Day fanfare.

As first noted by Texas Sports Center, and brought to Prep Rally's attention by Off the Bench, the halftime show dance off you see above was produced by the Beaumont (Texas) Central Medical Magnet High band drum majors at halftime of Beaumont Central's 44-28 victory against Little Cypress-Mauriceville (Texas) High. At the start of the show, the band's director simply said, "Are y'all going to vote this Tuesday?"

Then, the dancing began. First, an unadorned (by comparison) drum major came out and produced a series of flips, twists and high-class acrobatics. After an initial flourish, he was followed by a drum major dressed in a shirt, tie and Mitt Romney mask and a third drum major who was wearing a puppetish Big Bird head and a giant yellow rain slicker.

Finally, America could sort out the Mitt Romney-Big Bird drama it's been hankering for since the first presidential debate, when the Republican presidential contender spoke of his willingness to cut funding for PBS, and Big Bird and his Sesame Street cronies therein.

In this particular interpretation of how a mythical Romney-Big Bird faceoff might go down, Big Bird wasted little time decking Romney after their rather theatrical introduction, clocking the costumed presidential candidate after a quick session of slick moves.

Yet, in the spirit of a unified America, all three drum majors came together for a grand finale, dancing out their differences with gusto and friendship. It may be unlikely that the houses of Congress will ever be so unified, though on Election Day we can all dream.

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