Texas guard clears defender completely on major slam

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Sure, football may still be stealing most of the national prep sport attention, but that doesn't mean there aren't impressive hoops plays starting to slip back onto the radar, with holiday hoops tournaments in locales across the country kicking off the sport -- and the best season for hoops highlights -- in earnest.

Case in point: Check out the jam you see below, which was turned in by Houston (Texas) St. Pius X School's Devon Turk.

Yes, you just saw that correctly: Turk jumped directly over a standing opponent, clearing him eagle style on the way to the rim. Considering the fact that Turk is just 6-foot-2, and that the defender in question was at least the same size, that is some major elevation.

The St. Pius senior is still trying to drum up recruiting attention, with the potential star often overshadowed by fellow St. Pius seniors Trey Guidry and Carl Culberson on one of the most talented squads in Texas Association of Parochial and Private Schools. Still, as he showed in the Scouts Focus Texas Showcase above, he has plenty of talent of his own to spread around.

Whether such a thunderous dunk can help Turk get a little more attention remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: He can definitely get up.

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