Texas football players accused of groping female fans during prep rally fireworks

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

What do teens do when the lights go out during a school prep rally? If they're Texas football players, they might just commit truly egregious acts against their classmates.

As reported by Houston site Click2Houston, football players for River Ridge High (Fort Bend, Tex.) were taking part in a scheduled high school football prep rally that centered around a massive, 7-minute fireworks display. During the fireworks, the school turned the lights out in the gym.

That turned out to be a big mistake.

According to students in the crowd and the implicated football players themselves, a group of River Ridge athletes began moving through the crowd and squeezing the rear ends of female students.

How did parents and authorities find out about the potential sexual assault? Because the football players tweeted about it. Three tweets in particular caught the attention of the mother of one student. One specified that the person responsible for the Twitter profile had grabbed seven different students' behinds. The other two read as follows:

The number of booty that was grabbed was unreal

Booty for centuries

Needless to say, the administration was not pleased that some students were assaulting others when the lights were turned off for a school function.

The Fort Bend school district is investigating the allegations, including claims -- also on Twitter -- by multiple girls that they were violated by football players during a period of the pep rally when students were encouraged to dance with one another.

For now, no charges or punishment have been brought against any students, with the district claiming that the tweets in question have yet to be substantiated.

Nonetheless, it's clear that they're taking matters seriously.

"We take these allegations seriously, and school officials are working quickly to complete the investigation," district administration wrote in a release to the public. "Upon completion of the investigation, appropriate actions will be taken as necessary."

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