Tennessee fan steals show with ridiculous dance moves to Queen during late game timeout

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

As a blog that strives to maintain the basic tenets of journalistic integrity, we here at Prep Rally are not supposed to have an allegiance to any particular team or school. That being said, one Tennessee squad’s announcers and fans are making it awfully hard not to fall in love with the entire athletic program.

On Friday, Prep Rally brought you the many wild and wonderful dunk and buzzer beater calls of the announcers for Nashville (Tenn.) Hillsboro High’s boys basketball team. To call them “overzealous” would be an understatement. At the same time, they were also flat out fun.

As it turns out, the announcers aren’t the only people having a heck of a lot of fun at Hillsboro hoops games this season; just check out the sick dance moves from this fan during a timeout of a recent game against Brentwood (Tenn.) High.

Freddy Mercury never could have envisaged such slick moves would be inspired by ‘We Will Rock You.’

The stomp and slides and, as announced, ‘Lean With it, Rock With it’ are all solid, but it’s the fan’s crunky ‘Mississippi Pimp’ moves that absolutely steal the show, nearly sending everyone’s favorite new announcing team into the same hysterics as previous slams and buzzer beaters.

It goes without saying that the stretch of the clip from 0:35-0:50 completely steals the show.

"Oh! Mississippi pimp! Mississippi pimp!"

"Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it!"

"Bouncing with the lean wit it, rock wit it, bounce with it."

"Rotate one time for 'em playa."

Regardless of whether you pull for or against Hillsboro, that dancing fan is absolutely incredible. If he’s not the greatest dancing fan of all time (and Prep Rally is betting he isn’t), he should at least be on the list. After all, who else has pulled out a Mississippi Pimp for a late-game prep hoops timeout?

You go, Hillsboro. Keep flying your freaky fun flag, please. We’ll all keep watching.

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