Tennessee baseball player breaks own car windshield with game-winning homer

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

When all the members of the Chuckey-Doak (Tenn.) High baseball team trekked back to their cars following the team's 7-3 victory against Jonesboro (Tenn.) University High, everyone had smiles on their faces except for the player who should have had the widest grin of all.

A broken windshield, though not the one owned by Jameson Painter — Getty Images
A broken windshield, though not the one owned by Jameson Painter — Getty Images

That player, senior Jameson Painter, hit a game-winning homer in the eighth inning, leading the cheers of his teammates as the Knights wrapped up a win, then was crushed when he saw where his moonshot of a homer landed: Smack dab in the middle of the windshield of his own car.

Chuckey-Doak baseball star Jameson Painter — Contributed photo
Chuckey-Doak baseball star Jameson Painter — Contributed photo

As first reported by the Greeneville Sun and brought to Prep Rally's attention by Off the Bench, Painter's eighth-inning homer smashed the windshield of the senior's personal vehicle as soon as it came down deep over the right-field fence of the Jonesboro field where the teams were competing.

Making matters even harder to take for Painter was this nugget: He had actually moved his vehicle farther out in the parking lot to try to protect it from precisely such an incident. Instead, that impromptu parking adjustment led to his windshield's downfall, as brought on by himself.

If that seems like a harsh twist of fate to you, don't worry, you're certainly not alone. Just ask Painter's own coach.

"We were all talking before the game that it wasn't a good place to park because he was liable to hit one there," Chuckey-Doak (Tenn.) High baseball coach Dustin Morrow told the Sun. "Sure enough, he did. I'm glad he hit the home run but feel bad because now he has to buy a new windshield."

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