Teens brutally beaten for Tebowing during team’s hoops win

At the same time that the world was receiving definitive proof that the powerful positive karma of Tim Tebow wouldn't be strong enough to lead his team to the Super Bowl (at least in 2012), reports leaked that two teenagers who celebrated a big basketball victory for their school with Tebow's signature bended-knee gesture were violently attacked outside a school gymnasium.

Tim Tebow "Tebows" before playing the Patriots — Associated Press
Tim Tebow "Tebows" before playing the Patriots — Associated Press

As first reported by the Charleston Post and Courier, two Wando (S.C.) High students were beaten by West Ashley (S.C.) High students after they were seen Tebowing during a 20-point victory by Wando at West Ashley. An official police report cited one of the students being slammed to the pavement, punched and kicked while the other was punched repeatedly "to the point of vomiting."

While only the two students who Tebowed during the game were physically beaten, a number of other Wando students were reportedly frightened that the flash point incident would spread into a much larger riot, with West Ashley officials reportedly failing to staff the exits of the school building beyond the gymnasium.

"They were scared for their lives," Lara Isaac, the mother of one of the attacked Wando 17-year-old's told the Post and Courier. "No one was manning the exits to make sure this wouldn't happen. The kids who did this apparently knew that."

The apparent lack of adequate security has put West Ashley officials under fire, though a police spokesman was quick to defend the actions of the department's officers.

"Officers did break up a fight after the basketball game," police spokesman Charles Francis told the Post and Courier. "The [school resource] officer reiterated to me that an officer wouldn't stand by and not do anything if they saw someone being assaulted."

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