Teen skater nearly dies after car hits his board following failed power slide on steep hill

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Sometimes a disappointment can become the best break a person can get. Case in point: this skateboarding accident, which actually may have saved the teen in question’s life.

As noted by Off the Bench, the video you see above was posted by YouTube user TrendingWire, which took an original compilation video of skating highlights featuring a trio of teen skaters and ended with the focal moments as the scary incident played out.

Essentially, a young skater named Schuyler True was skating with friends and fellow board aficionados Connor Bewighouse and Evan Krause when he attempted to complete a power slide down a drastically steep hill. That's when he slipped off his board, skidding to a halt on his rear end while his deck flew out around the blind corner into an intersecting street.

And, wouldn’t you know it, unbeknownst to the skaters or their friend who was filming the entire event, a car came flying by on the intersecting street at just the precise moment when the young daredevil’s board went skidding around the bend. The result was a run over skateboard and two teens who responded with what appeared to be a near out-of-body sense of shock.

Of course, one can hardly blame the skater for his stunned reaction. After all, if he’d been able to hold on to that power slide, he probably would have been a dead man.

Instead, he’s alive to try the trick again, albeit hopefully in much safer circumstances. If nothing else, the video should serve as a reminder for all athletes to practice their sports of choice in safe settings … preferably away from any blind intersections.

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